Headphones & Co.

Enjoy your ears. @miLoft

headphones&co, a unique service in the whole world + 15% discount on the room rate.

Enjoy your music using our headphones listening sets, selected from the top of the range and the latest news.
Only by combining the headphones&co service with an overnight stay, you will get a 15% discount on the room rate per each rental day, through direct bookings only.
Browse through the headphones&co page, check the prices and conditions, choose the products you want to listen to during your stay, book your room now.

Listening to your music better,is easier thank you think. At miLoft.


Take it easy for once !

Allow yourself a few more hours of healthy idleness before a good brunch on the Navigli, where there are always some interesting initiatives. Take your time for the last shopping walk. At the end of the day, a nice shower with chromotherapy in your room, before getting back to your travel.

At miLoft, only on Sundays and National Holidays, only through direct bookings, free late check-out at 20 h *

Sunday night .......... why not ?

Enjoy it all, add Sunday night to your week-end stay at a special rate, it's worth it in every way !

Sunday rate = € 90 for any room, only through direct bookings, high seasons excluded.

Start by giving yourself a morning of pampering or laziness that never hurts. And then what better than a tasty brunch on the Navigli ? In the afternoon there are always a lot of things to do or see in Milan, a real shame to lose them ! Time runs fast, after a little relax time in your room, you may profit by going to dinner in that restaurant where there is always a lot of people on Saturdays. A little walk and your cozy bed is waiting for you.

Spend the Sunday night at miLoft, your Monday will be sweeter and the week happier.

Tailor Made

Let’s put together the offer tailored for you !

Tell us your requests or special needs, call us or write to us on whatsapp (+393457062086) during the reception hours or send us an email at info@miloft.com.

Do it now! Through a direct contact, we will find the best solution for your stay at miLoft

Miloft Comfortable design rooms. Only 2.

Two light and spacious rooms each with its own luxury minimal style bathroom offering top class comfort and wellness and design in every minute detail. Special bed system that promotes deep and regenerating sleep and elegant versatile multifunctional shower unit. Contemporary minimalist fittings and original eye-catching designer accessories specially chosen for our guests by Miloft. Miloft, this unconventional accommodation solution comes into being in Expo year 2015. It is set inside a wonderfully reconverted historical building amid post-industrial architecture in the heart of Milan’s fashion and designer district.


A few minutes on foot from the Navigli, cool restaurants, traditional trattorias and trendy clubs & bars. In the middle of the historic “Società Anonima Ferrochina Bisleri” factory of 1881. In Via Solari 11, inside the courtyard, on the top floor with a rooftop terrace.

In the heart of the Fashion District, a few steps to Via Tortona, Armani Silos and Superstudio. A strategic location also for a sightseeing tour of the city: we are close to the Mudec Museum, Sant’Ambrogio Cathedral, Leonardo’s Last Supper, Scala Theatre and Duomo Cathedral.

You can easily reach the Rho Fiera site (15 stops by underground), Stadium San Siro Meazza (14 stops by underground) and Assago Forum (only 5 stops by underground)

Easy access from airports and stations using public transport. Only 280 metres from the green line underground station of Sant’Agostino. 15 minutes to the highways.

Concept from showroom to room

The dynamic and ever evolving Miloft concept provides quality accommodation with a perfect union of comfort and design both indoors and outdoors on its large terrace. Creative initiatives will enrich and enhance your stay.
For anyone who loves or is involved in design. Whether you work in the field of design or are simply design aficionados Miloft gives you a chance to play an active part.
The room is also a showcase for the details that miLoft has chosen to ensure excellence, an intimate and reserved place where you can calmly enjoy all the specific functions of the furnishings and fittings and fully appreciate the artistic flair , the design and the attention to detail.
We invite the guests to enjoy the comfort of their stay, even if it is only short, and to learn about the companies, the designers, the history and the characteristics of their products. All this can be done simply by making use of the products themselves.

In 2018 the project HEADPHONES&CO was born at miLoft - The music is the protagonist, actually the "ears" of our guests and fans are, who can enjoy headphones and hifi products, personally selected by miLoft, starting from the smart ones to the real top of the selection of the best companies in the world. A new and unique concept in the world. As miLoft.



We set out looking for what we considered the most suitable products to ensure a totally satisfying stay for our guests. We wanted to share our choices with our guests and with our supplier companies. Many of our suppliers were so enthusiastic about our concept that they have become our partners.


MiLoft Concept

via Solari, 11
20144 Milano (Mi)

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direct booking

  • Breakfast in the room or on the terrace included
  • Late check-out h 12.00
  • Free Upgrade if available
  • Best rate guarantee

direct booking

  • Breakfast in the room or on the terrace included
  • Late check-out h 12.00
  • Free Upgrade if available
  • Best rate guarantee
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